Air Traffic Control:

Although paramount to handling the growing volume of air traffic, Air Traffic Control often does not exist in developing countries. This means that flight controllers need to have reliable communications, primarily for voice traffic, between air traffic control sites. As planes move from one area of responsibility to the next, a clearly communicated handoff must be made between sites.

Radar coverage is often spotty, with some sites equipped and others not. A solution is needed that connects all sites to central radar tracking stations. In areas where planes have no human ground control for miles, remote communication transmitters relay traffic control information to the skies. These Remote Communication Air to Ground (RCAG) locations must be linked to ATC sites.

The SCNA solution package based offers a cost-efficient network infrastructure. The advantages of this solution are:

  1. Independence from terrestrial infrastructure

  2. Flexible, fast to deploy

  3. Minimal bandwidth consumption through dynamic bandwidth allocation

  4. Support of voice, video and data/Internet simultaneously

  5. High reliability and availability