Internet :

Today's enterprises - business, government and public institutions alike - can benefit tremendously from the efficiency and cost savings of a well-designed corporate intranet. High-speed Internet access, too, has become critical to the daily operations of industries across the board.

Yet access to bandwidth-intensive content, whether internal or on the web, remains problematic. Slow dial-up modems, server and bandwidth constraints and spotty coverage can all keep corporate intranets from reaching their true potential.

SCNA offers a superior IP-compatible solution for corporate-wide broadband needs.

SCNA's satellite-based network solutions provide even widely dispersed offices - no matter where they are located - with always-on, high-speed, broadband access to corporate intranet, Internet, extranet, e-mail and more.

The advantages of SCNA's satellite-based Internet and intranet network solutions are clear:

  • Always-on, high-speed connectivity for every office location, even in the most remote areas;
  • Cost-effective, multicast distribution of bandwidth-intensive video, audio and data content;
  • Rapid enterprise-wide deployment, capable of rolling out to as many as several hundred sites in just a few weeks;
  • Unmatched reliability
  • Single-platform solution for all current and future data, video and audio communications needs - supporting multiple protocols, devices and applications, from legacy systems to IP.