The Company :

Established in 2002, SatCom Networks Africa Ltd., duly licensed Public Data Communications Operator by the Tanzania Communications Commission. Using state-of-the-art satellite communication, we can put reliable and immediate transmission channels within your reach - whether it's an occasional broadcast, a simple point-to-point circuit in order to connect a branch office with a main office, satellite Internet access for domestic use, for national & international ISPs, or a flexible suite of satellite communication services.

SCNA operates a state-of-the-art hub in Dar es Salaam and provides VSAT connectivity through IntelSat Satellites, ensuring reliable, high-quality satellite communication. IntelSat has the largest satellite network in the world for commercial use and extensive experience in provision of services.


To provide innovative solutions for today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities so that almost any business can benefit from the speed , reliability and cost efficiency of satellite based communication.