Internet Access:

SatCom directly connects the Points of Presence (PoPs) or customer premises of remote ISPs to the global Internet backbone via satellite. SatCom connections bypass all shared ground networks and associated congestion points--as well as any terrestrial connectivity gaps--to seamlessly deliver rich Internet content to even the remotest locations at high speeds. Local ISP's and common carriers can now employ our gateway to access the internet backbone, for primary use or to back-up or supplement terrestrial infrastructure. Access can be achieved through shared or private lines, whatever your required Internet service configurations :

Established and Start-Up ISPs and Common Carriers can use SatCom's gateway for high bandwidth broadcast via the internet backbone from Europe. Whatever your required service configurations: receive-only services, cache services, traffic flow management, fixed or shared telephony bandwidth, or asymmetric hybrid circuits, we can develop custom solutions to meet your Internet access needs.

Receive-Only Services to augment existing terrestrial Internet connections and cache service

Basic Satellite Internet Access for direct high-speed connections to the Europe Internet backbone, across shared or private satellite channels

Internet Broadcast Access, a network consisting of shared outbound lines and private return channels

IP Traffic Flow Management and Optimization, enabling allowing ISP's to service secondary ISPs, multiple points of presence and many other applications.

Bandwidth Allocation Management (by IP port number or as precise as a single IP address ) --allocating fixed and shared bandwidth on demand. Ideal for IP telephony services by ensuring high-quality telephony with fixed bandwidth availability which, when underutilized, is allocated to standard Internet traffic.