Communication Services

SatCom Networks Africa Ltd.,(SCNA) is the pioneer of satellite communications systems in the United Republic of Tanzania, providing fully integrated networks management, videoconferencing services, and broadband applications, including data services, Internet web casting and IP multicasting togetherwith its design, installation, testing, commissioning, training, support and equipment distribution.

Advantages of VSAT Networks


It supports a wide range of communication protocols, and can provide multiple services utilizing a single platform. It is easy to redeploy a VSAT network.


Scalability is inherent to SatCom . Once installed, a small network can be easily expanded to include additional sites. Operators can also leverage their networks to provide a host of value added services.

Time Saving

VSAT networks can be implemented in a fraction of the time usually required for terrestrial networks with similar capabilities.

Cost Saving

We enable the implementation of advanced, efficient, high-speed data networks without costly infrastructure development or upgrades. Transmission costs are not dependant on distance hence making it more cost effective then terrestrial networks.

Greater Bandwith Efficiency

SatCom enhances bandwidth use with sophisticated IP satellite technologies that effectively reduce traffic traveling over the satellite.

Expanded Reach

VSAT networks are ideally suited for remote and widely dispersed locations, making it easier and more efficient than ever to reach branch offices, suppliers and customers - anywhere and everywhere.

Enhanced Service

We help you to better serve customers and branch offices alike, with increased speed, efficiency and advanced services and unmatched multicast capabilities. Our VSAT downloads information to remote sites at greatly increased speeds. Now, bandwidth-heavy files and services can be delivered to hundreds or thousands of sites in minutes.