Private Networks:

A Private Network is a proven system allowing you to connect your communications centre (e.g. the central datacenter) to any number of remote locations, worldwide. They are the preferred choice for banking, automotive and retail enterprises - offering secure, manageable communication networks with guaranteed performance. Peacekeeping operations, NGO's, Commercial enterprises and world-wide embassy networks have opted for VSAT Private Network.

We offer turn-key network solutions, designed to fit your specific requirements. Hosts within the private network use encryption to talk to other hosts; the encryption excludes hosts from outside the private network even if they are on the public network-the internet.


Quality Transmission.
Immediate and continuous quality transmissions-- no dialing, no response delays, no interruptions. Satellite bandwidth capacity is shared by all users but traffic during peak periods is managed to allow prioritizing capacity. By avoiding international switches there is no signal degradation and, as a result, better quality transmissions.

Transmission of virtually any type of data - voice, video, facsimile --with configuration for virtually any computer protocol. Our systems enable LAN to LAN networking irrespective of location.

Easily Implemented.
System installation and implementation is simple! VSAT antennas are installed at each location, together with radio frequency units and , satellite modems.